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Cleaning up Camp Fresno

Camp Fresno to re-open on June 15

On June 15, Camp Fresno will be opening back up for the first time in more than a year and hosting free one-to-three-day camp sessions for kids of all ages. Mayor Dyer joined a large group of volunteers Saturday morning to do some last-minute clean-up and prepare for campers. “It’s

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Ryan Trevino

This 12-Year-Old Decided to Do Something About Park Trash

Going past Logan Park while heading to school 18 months ago, Ryan Trevino saw trash strewn all over the place and thought, “Why doesn’t someone do something about it?” That “someone” turned out to be Trevino, a 12-year-old who attends Manchester GATE. On Saturday, Ryan and 100 other volunteers picked

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Cleaning up Logan Park

101 volunteers come together for Logan Park clean-up

More than 100 volunteers came together to clean up Logan Park on Saturday as a part of Beautify Fresno. One hundred and one volunteers picked up 83 bags of trash, three shopping carts full of garbage, a mattress, and a dresser, equaling approximately 635 pounds of trash. The event was

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