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Mayor Jerry Dyer created a new program for local students, establishing Beautify Fresno Clubs across the city. This program is designed to provide volunteer opportunities for students as well as leadership initiatives for schools.

Students who organize a Beautify Fresno Club in their school are required to organize one cleanup or beautification event per semester and promote the event to students, teachers, and staff. In addition, each individual member is required to volunteer for a minimum of one scheduled Beautify Fresno event per semester

There is no age limit for club membership and grade schools, middle schools, and high schools within Fresno city limits can apply.

“Developing leadership opportunities for Fresno youth is one of my top priorities and I’m so pleased that students in schools across the city, both public and private, are raising their hands to take charge and create positive change in their community,” said Mayor Dyer.  “It’s critical for us to continue to offer chances for young people to step up and lead. The simple act of organizing a Beautify Fresno Club in their school shows us that student leaders are ready to work together as ‘One Fresno’ to help us become a city where everyone takes pride in their neighborhoods.”

As the lead sponsor for the club, Beautify Fresno agrees to provide all equipment and materials, including paper pickers, safety vests, gloves, trash bags and will provide a staff member to supervise events and attend any club meetings where information is needed. In addition, Beautify Fresno will provide educational materials on litter control, recycling, environmental stewardship, and the benefits of volunteerism.

Administrators, teachers and students who are interested in establishing a Beautify Fresno Club in their school should contact Mark Standriff, Director of Beautify Fresno at (559) 621-8626 or email