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Love-A-Park Program

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TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR CITY – Mayor Dyer’s Love-A-Park program is a great way for you to take part in the beautification and appearance of the City.

BEAUTIFY YOUR PARK – You choose the park to clean up on a regular basis. Beautify Fresno can provide all of the supplies you need to carry out your beautification project.

BE RECOGNIZED – You can place your name, the name of your organization, business, or the name of your school on a sign at the entrance to the park.


  • Beautify Fresno and the Parks, After School, Recreation, and Community Services (PARCS) Department will assess the park for specific needs.
  • Agreement requires at least two hours per month and depending on the requirements of the park, additional time may be needed
  • On-going cleanups are done on a monthly basis. Volunteers must fill out a Liability Waiver and a Volunteer Information Sheet and will need to be available for communication with the City
  • Solid Waste is notified of any large materials so they can be removed prior to the cleanup.
  • HazMat crew removes any hazardous waste in the park after the cleanup.
  • Beautify Fresno & volunteer group’s leader visit the park prior to the first cleanup to review procedures & distribute supplies.


What is the Love-A-Park Program all about?

The City of Fresno’s Love-A-Park volunteer program promotes long-term partnerships between residents and the City of Fresno to beautify our parks.

Park adopters can be individuals, neighborhood associations, community groups, school clubs, churches, or local businesses.  Love-A-Park adopters work with Beautify Fresno and the City’s Parks, After School, After School, Recreation and Community Services (PARCS) Department to develop expectations and create a plan that works with your level of commitment. We provide support and coordination with City of Fresno services and resources, as well as necessary supplies and post-event trash removal.

Who can adopt a park?


​​I​f you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer outdoors, Love-A-Park might be a perfect match for you! Projects that are great for individual park adopters include litter removal, removing invasive vegetation, and keeping a general eye on the park. You can adopt your neighborhood park as an individual or work with Beautify Fresno to find a park that fits your interests. If your adopted park or project ends up needing more helping hands, we can help recruit neighbors or additional volunteers.

Neighborhood associations

​​​Love-A-Park is a great way to unite neighbors to help maintain and beautify their nearby park. Beautify Fresno can help organize a workday to clean-up the park and get more people involved.  By volunteering together at their local park, neighbors can advocate for park improvements while getting to know each other and having fun! Love-A-Park will provide supplies and facilitation from staff. We can also assist with advertising the workday and getting the word out to others!


School clubs, community groups or local businesses are great Love-A-Park volunteers! Your group commits to volunteering together at the same park throughout the year. Park workdays can take place twice per year, once per month or more often depending on the park needs.​

These group workdays can be facilitated by staff with all supplies provided.  If your group or business would like to take a more active role in caring for a city park or garden bed, you may work on a pre-approved project on your own time as needed.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is completely up to you. Some groups hold one annual event in their nearby park, while others have monthly workdays at their adopted park.  Generally, a Love-A-Park event lasts two to three hours depending on the project. Love-A-Park volunteers can also work on pre-approved projects at their own leisure. Park adopters are expected to commit to their park for at least one year and are encouraged to return year after year.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! We provide all necessary supplies and tools and we’ll even pick up the trash after your cleanup is finished.

Is it possible to have the same kind of program for trails and other places?

Yes! We can work with you to establish your own Love-A-Trail, Love-A-Block, or Love-An-Alley program with the same guidelines and the same support.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in adopting a park, trail, or other public area as an individual, neighborhood, or group, contact Beautify Fresno​ at or call (559) 621-8626.

Please include pertinent details such as what level of commitment you are interested in, how often you expect to work in your adopted park, how many individuals would participate, and any park project ideas you may have!