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Keep America Beautiful is celebrating the Great American Cleanup’s 25th year, between March 21 to June 22, and Fresno is joining in the fun!

The Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup™ (GAC) is one of the largest community service events in the nation. GAC takes place nationwide during the spring as part of Earth Day celebrations and prompts individuals to take greater responsibility for their local environment by conducting grassroots community service projects that engage volunteers, local businesses, and civic leaders.

Beautify Fresno is hosting 17 individual cleanup and beautification events on Saturday, April 22, involving more than 1,500 volunteers. All events will take place between 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Once the cleanup events are over, volunteers are invited to attend a rally in the H Street parking lot across the street from Chukchansi Park for free food, music, and fun.

2023 Great American Cleanup Location Map


1. Lions Skate Park area – co-hosted by AmeriCorps
This event will clean up the area around Lions Skate Park along Marks Ave. and Rialto Ave., and down the median on Emerson Ave. from Marks to Hughes.

Sign up at:

2. Highway City
– co-hosted by Highway City Community Development Corporation
The event will clean up Highway City bordered by Shaw, Polk, and Gettysburg and will include the Granville-Teague Community Center, Teague Elementary, and Inspiration Park.

Sign up at:

3. Tower District
– co-hosted by Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen
The event will clean up the Tower District downtown centered around Olive Street and the surrounding business and residential streets between Echo and San Pablo.

Sign up at:

4. Riverbottom Park
– co-hosted by RiverTree Volunteers
The event will clean up along the San Joaquin River and nearby trails near Riverside Golf Course in North Fresno.

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5. Downtown Fresno
– co-hosted by the Downtown Fresno Partnership
The event will clean up the Brewery District downtown bordered by Tulare, G Street, Ventura and L Street and includes the area bordered by Ventura, Fulton, Santa Clara and L Street.

Sign up at:

6. CRMC Area
– co-hosted by the Bridge Church
The event will clean up the portion of downtown around the Community Regional Medical Centers hospital and surrounding area. The boundaries for this cleanup include bordered by Divisadero, Tulare, P and U Streets.

Sign up at:

7. Jensen & East
– co-hosted by Affinity Truck Center
This cleanup event will clean up in the area bordered by Jensen, Cherry, North, and East Avenues.

Sign up at:

8. Shaw & Cedar Avenue
– co-hosted by Fresno State’s Craig School of Business Marketing Class
This cleanup event will focus on cleaning up the intersection of Cedar and Shaw Avenues from Shaw Avenue to Gettysburg Avenue and from Millbrook to Maple Avenues.

Sign up at:

9. Melody Park
– co-hosted by 144th Fighter Wing, Air National Guard
The event will focus on cleaning up Melody Park and the area around Shields and Fowler Avenues.

Sign up at:

10. Calwa Park
– co-hosted by the Calwa Recreation and Park District
The event will clean up in the Calwa Park area bordered by Florence, Cedar, Jensen, and Maple Avenues.

Sign up at:

11. Kings Canyon/Clovis area
– co-hosted by Quiring General
This event will clean up the lots next to and behind the Vons Supermarket and Dollar Tree in Southeast Fresno.

Sign up at:

12. Ventura/Kings Canyon corridor
– co-hosted by the Southeast Fresno Community Economic Development Association (SEFCEDA)
This event will concentrate on cleaning up the Ventura/Kings Canyon corridor from First Street to Chestnut Avenue.

Sign up at:

13. Roosevelt High area
– co-hosted by Roosevelt High School Beautify Fresno Club
The event will clean up in the area around Roosevelt High School – between Barton and Maple, between Tulare and Kings Canyon – and the commercial area bordered by Huntington / Kings Canyon / Cedar / Barton.

Sign up at:

14. Woodward Park
The event will clean up in n Woodward Park and portions of the Eaton Trail.

Sign up at:

15. Olmos Elementary School area
– co-hosted by Every Neighborhood Partnership
The event will clean up in the neighborhoods from E Huntington Ave to E. Kings Canyon Road, between Chestnut Avenue and S. Backer.

Sign up at:

16. Graffiti/Trash abatement near McKinley and Hwy 168 –
co-hosted by the Fresno City College Fire Academy
This event will paint over graffiti along a wall at the bottom of the highway embankment just southeast of McKinley and 168, along with removing trash on the service trail that runs along the bottom of the embankment (City graffiti crew will supervise.)

Sign up at:

17. Hazelwood & Butler –
 co-hosted by Familias En Acción
Familias En Acción will be cleaning the streets and alleys in the area bordered by Lowe and Lyell Avenues on the north and south and Parallel Avenue and Hazelwood Boulevard to the east and west.

This event is closed

18. Wawona K-8 area –
 co-hosted by Parent University
Fresno Unified School District’s Parent University will be cleaning up around the campus of Wawona K-8 School and the neighborhood from Gettysburg to Ashlan between Thorne and Palm Avenues.

This event is closed

19. El Dorado Park –
 co-hosted by El Dorado Community Development Corporation and the Fresno State Marketing Class
El Dorado CDC and the Fresno State Marketing Class will be focusing on the area bordered by Barstow and Shaw Avenues on the north and south and from Bond Street to Millbrook Avenue to the east and west.

This event is closed



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2023 Great American Cleanup Sponsors:

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